About us

Indigenous owned, the Wirib Store and Tourism Park strives to make a difference.

Our park is owned by the Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation. Staying in the park and shopping at the store, actively supports the local Aboriginal community in Timber Creek. There are a few places to stay in Timber Creek, but ours is the only Indigenous owned. Please help us as we strive to make a difference.

This particular site where the store is, and the caravan park is on a sacred site and is part of dingo dreaming. When the dingo travelled from the west, it came here and got drowned.

This site is important to the traditional owners of Timber Creek. We want more people to come here and learn about Timber Creek and what is here.

The Traditional Owners own the land and the store. There are representatives from each clan groups on the board and we make decisions about the store and the park.
Lorraine Jones, Chairperson Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation.

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